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The area of Velika

Velika, awarded the Blue Flag (EU symbol for top-quality beaches), has sandy as well as pebbled beaches. The area is organized, with cafes and bars, restaurants, taverns, fast foods and rooms to let. Every summer thousands of visitors come to Velika to enjoy the crystal clear sea, the fresh seafoood, and the nightlife. The area “Vrahakia” is one of the most exceptional of Velika. There, the context, combined with the beauty of the beach and the local beach bar “Buca”, consists a unique environment, attracting the interest of many visitors.

At the beach of Velika also, at “Spitaki” area, every summer beach volley games take place, where athletes from every corner of Greece participate.

Every summer from July to August, numerous cultural activities by the name “Philoktitia” take place at the “Stream of Platanias Square” (Rema Planatias in greek). Events like theatrical shows, shows for the younger ones, dance shows, music concerts etc. The area there is a park filled with big trees and a stream, it is beautifully landscaped,  stone-paved with benches, a small stone open theatre, a small cafeteria and a small football pitch. At the area of Stream of Platanias, lay the ruins of the Castle of Velika of the Byzantine era, that recently came into light. Following the road on the stream, one can visit the Monastery of St. John the theologian, also of the Byzantine era. Nature lovers can go hiking at the trail of Melivoia – Velika, a unique experience.


          Velika (Larisa Coastline)


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