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Larisa’s Coastline

At the east side of Larisa, where the mountains of Kissavos, Maurovouni and Olympus meet the blue Aegean sea, one can find few of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. So close to the mountain of Kissavos (or Ossa) covered by dense forest with impressive gorges, torrents and streams crossing its slopes that has been classified as the “Aesthetic Forest of Ossa”, is protected by the Natura 2000 European network and it has been characterized as a “botanical garden” with several water ways (canyons, lakes etc.).It is there where the mountains become one with the sea and the crystal clear sandy beaches. From Kastri Loutro up to Stomio, and from Stomio to Rakopotamos, a visitor can enjoy sandy, as well as pebbled and rocky beaches, suitable for swimming like Psarolakas, Aspri Ammos (White Sand), Koutsoupia, Velika and Agiokampos. The coastline of Larissa is the second longest coastline in Greece with a length of 14 km.

The most popular, amongst others, are Velika's, Sotiritsa's and Agiokampo's beaches, with a length of 12 km. Awarded with the Blue Flag, they attract visitors from all over the world, to enjoy a wide variety of sea sports.

The whole area, due to its natural beauty, has been widely developed through the recent years. Nowadays it can satisfy even the most demanding visitor, offering a range of exciting activities of every type, whether this is sightseeing, water sports, hiking trails, Veneto's sea caves visiting (by boat or canoes), or just lying on the beach enjoying an ice coffee or a cool cocktail.


Directions – how to get to Velika and Koutsoupia:

Both Velika and Koutsoupia, belong to the municipality of Melivoia, Larisa, and is 386km away from the city of Athens, 404km from Athens Airport Eleftherios Venizelos through Attica Road, and 183 km from Thessaloniki Airport (SKG). Velika can be easily accessed either by car or by public transport as well.

By car: Starting from Athens, driving on the Athens – Thessaloniki National Road, as you approach Larissa, you take Exit 2 to Agia while starting from Thessaloniki, driving to Thessaloniki – Athens National Road, you take the Exit 3 to Agia, we continue our journey to Agia and then to Melivoia, where Velika belongs. A shorter alternative way while driving from Thessaloniki, is to take a turn at the crossroad of Dimos Eurimenon (Omolio – Stomio, in greek ΔήμοςΕυριμενών) before Tempi, and after that we drive towards the coastline of Melivoia, find ourselves driving through Platia Ammos, Kokkino Nero, Koutsoupia, Paliouria, Velika, Sotiritsa and last Agiokampos.


List of activities and places of interest of the local villages:

Larissa: The biggest town of the area has the biggest amphitheatrically ancient theatre of the Europe, a second smaller ancient theatre, the Acropolis on the hill of St. Achillios, Monument of Hippocrates, Pinakotheke, Park of Alkazar, Historical and Archaeological Museum, etc. All the Commercial Centre is pavemented that makes the visit very pleasant.

Agia: St. Anthony church, Romaic Bath, Ancient Caves, Nobleman’s houses, Monasteries, pavemented Commercial Centre, Tassel studio

Agiocampos: Sts Anargiroi ancient rock sea caves, Port

Veneto: Flampouri Monastery, Egea’s Sea Caves

Polidendri: organized Forest with BBQ places, MTB roads, 2 Panagia’s churches, Trek paths

Metaksohori: Nobleman’s houses, Ancient school of girls, Aqueduct, Rock Bridge, Churches, summer Cherry’s Feast

Megalovryso: Spring “Megali Vrisi”, Byzantine Monasteries, Feast of Easter, Roof of Kissavos , Profitis Elias, Kanalos (1680 mt), Refuge

AnatolyWoman multiethnic monastery (unique in Europe), Museum, Rock ancient Bridge

City of Melivoia: Lakes of Skiti and Ampelakia

Ampelakia: Swartz museum, Cultural Centre, Orias Castle, Monasterie

Tempi Valley: Suspension Bridge, Church of St Paraskevi (cave of saint water), Local Wineries, Drias Centre, Trizina, Love Boat

Rapsani: Caves, Mon. St. Teodoroi, Churches, Feast of 15 August, Feast of Wine

Pinio’s Delta: Wetland (Ramsar Treaty), Fiords, Heron’s kind birds

OmolioRuins of ancient Omolio, Rock Bridge, August maize and kiwi Feast

Stomio: Pinios River mouth, Mon. St. Demetrio, July Sea’s Feast

Karitsa: Arioprino (forest), Calypsos Canyon, October Chestnut Feast

Kokkino Nero: Prebyzantine Bridge, Spring of natural red carbonic water


More information about the coast of Larissa, Velika, Koutsoupia, activities, what to do, the history of the area and infos on the greater area of Melivoia, Agia and the villages of the surrounding mountains can be found at the following websites.







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